Stiftelsen Norsk luftambulanse


The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation is a non-profit charity organization working to improve specialized pre-hospital critical care. Our subsidiary company Norsk Luftambulanse AS provides air ambulance services in Norway and Denmark. Together we make a difference.

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation is a non-profit organisation, working to save lives and health by researching and developing to improve the entire Norwegian air ambulance service.

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation is parent company to Norsk Luftambulanse AS, which is an airline operator, delivering services to the Norwegian government based on contracts with Luftambulansetjenesten HF. Norsk Luftambulanse AS operates 9 out of 12 rotor wing air ambulance bases in Norway, and 3 bases in Denmark. Lufttransport AS operates the remaining 3 rotor wing bases, as well as all fixed wing air ambulance operations in Norway. The Norwegian Royal Airforce 330 Squadron also provide air ambulance services in Norway.

With more than 250 employees, Norwegian Air Ambulance does a broad spectre of work, and has employees with a wide range in backgrounds. We house Europe’s largest pre hospital research department with more than 20 doctorate students, and we both train, and learn from, police, firefighters, armed forces and HEMS colleagues from around the world.

We’ve set a high standard for air ambulance services in Norway for 40 years, and will continue to do so.