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The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation presents its Research & Development Helicopter to AirMed 2022.

Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation presents flying test lab to the international HEMS community

Aiming for the glass ceilings of prehospital critical care, the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation has invested in a cutting-edge helicopter fully dedicated to research, development and training. At the AirMed World Congress in late June, the tailored Research & Development Helicopter and some of its projects will be presented to the international HEMS community for the very first time.

Published: Jun 24, 2022

Text: Marianne Wennesland

Portrett av generalsekretær Hans Morten Lossius
Secretary General of the Norwegian Air Ambulance, Hans Morten Lossius

After its arrival in Norway in late 2020, Airbus’ first five-bladed H-145 was fitted with a full set of medical interiors and replaceable, project dependant modules catering for a wide range of missions. Manned with crews mirroring the Norwegian helicopter emergency services, the Research & Development Helicopter has since been set to work for the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation’s highflying endgame:
“We aim to save more lives and health for the patients. The helicopter emergency service brings the hospital to the patient – wherever he or she is at the time of critical illness or injury – and we are constantly working on ways to make it even better,” explains Hans Morten Lossius, Secretary General of the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation:
“The R&D Helicopter is a game changer for what we can accomplish – not only in Norway, but also in collaboration with relevant international partners. As far as we know, it is the only helicopter in the world dedicated to HEMS improvement alone. It allows us to conduct testing on new procedures and equipment, collect data for our research projects and provide training without relying on rotating a helicopter out of the helicopter emergency services.”

Taking the helicopter emergency services to new heights

At the AirMed World Congress in Salzburg, June 28-30, the Norwegian Ambulance foundation will present the R&D Helicopter to the international HEMS community for the first time. It will also present a handful of the projects selected to give this test lab a flying start, including the following:

International collaboration for the greater good

In presenting the R&D Helicopter and its projects, Secretary General Lossius hopes to spark further dialogue and international collaboration vital in improving the future of HEMS:
“Relatively speaking, the world of helicopter emergency services is small, and international collaboration benefits patients worldwide: It is vital in securing solid data for research, developing new solutions and improving flight operations and rescue missions and – all of the aspects crucial for taking the helicopter emergency services to the next levels,” he says.
“We are grateful for our current collaboration with health services, research communities and HEMS-operators, as well as important industry partners in other countries. At AirMed 2022 we will continue our ongoing conversation with them about current and future projects. We also hope to join forces with additional stakeholders for the greater good.”