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About the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation works to ensure that everyone who is the critically ill and injured receives faster and correct medical help, no matter where in Norway they are located.

Pilot går mot Utviklingsghelikoptret

We are a non-profit organisation that works to move advanced life-saving medical treatment out to the patient. For over 40 years, we have provided new solutions for the patients. More than 300,000 support members and companies are taking part in the charity work to develop the air ambulance service to become even better.

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Jens Moe og kollegaer bærer pasient ut av helikopter

40 years for the patients

In 1979, doctor and pioneer Jens Moe started the Norwegian Air Ambulance service on a voluntary basis. Together with a group of passionate enthusiasts, he put his home at stake by topping up his mortgage to buy a helicopter for private dispatches.

That marked the beginning of a long struggle to establish what we today know as one of the world’s best medical helicopter services. Still, we have not reached the finish line. We are still speaking up for the patients because good and quick access to emergency medical help is still not available to everyone when it comes to life-and-death situations.

Gult legehelikopter på snødekt fjelltopp. Lege, pilot og redningsmann med utstyr i bakgrunnen.

This is how the national air ambulance system is organized in Norway

Our subsidiary Norwegian Air Ambulance Helicopter is the operator of all the country’s thirteen medical helicopter bases on behalf of the state-owned Air Ambulance Services of Norway RHF, which is publicly funded. The ownership structure means that we have a unique overview of what needs improvement and to test and implement innovations in the service. We also own the subsidiary Norwegian Air Ambulance Technology. This company owns several air ambulance buildings and develops and operates technology for use in emergency medical services.