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Innovation – our ideas are flying high!

We work to ensure that sick and injured patients are getting the best treatment possible. That’s why we always have several innovation projects operative. The goal is that the solutions we develop can be implemented in the air ambulance service to make it even better.

Fighting the forces of nature

Every tenth air ambulance mission is stopped by bad weather conditions. Therefore, we develop solutions that improve flight safety, such as weather cameras and GPS routes, so that patients can get help even in bad weather.

A computer screen showing the video solution in action. More than 30 emergency medical communication centres in Norway use this solution developed by The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, which allows operators to see what is going on at a site.

We have developed a video solution in emergency calls

So far, 93 emergency medical communication centres in Norway use video (updated May 2023). With a better situational awareness from the site, operators can send out the right help faster. The goal is for everyone in Norway to get this solution that has already helped save lives.

Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation's development helicopter, an Airbus H145 helicopter used for innovation, research and development to ensure even better solutions in the future.

Our flying laboratory

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation was the very first customer in the world to receive a new Airbus H145 helicopter. Our new research and innovation helicopter is used for just that; innovation, research, and development, so that patients will receive even better help in the future.

HEMS crew sitting in the door of a helicopter using handheld thermal binoculars. These can be used to detect missing persons who are otherwise unnoticeable in the dark or are difficult to see for other reasons.

New solutions for a better air ambulance

The helicopter crew first sees what can be improved. During the working day, ideas often emerge for how the vital work can be carried out even better. Together, we develop new solutions that can save vital minutes for patients.