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The "Hjelp 113" app: Woman holding a phone with the app Hjelp 113 open on the screen

The «Hjelp 113» app

The Hjelp 113 app is a useful tool in acute situations with stress and little overview. The app gathers all emergency numbers in one place so that you can easily call the right emergency service. Download and start the Help 113 app now – it is available in English.

Get started with the Hjelp 113 app

With the Hjelp 113 app, you have all emergency numbers gathered in one place, as well as other important numbers. It displays your coordinates and the location of the nearest defibrillator in Norway at all times. The app is created by the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation and continuously developed for the patient’s benefit.

  1. Download or update the app
    1. Find the app in Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Launch the app after downloading.
  3. Register your mobile number.
  4. Use it when you need to call an emergency number, require a defibrillator, or want to know your coordinates
Use the Hjelp 113 app when you need to call an emergency number, require a defibrillator, or want to know your coordinates

Coordinates on the screen

Usually, the position is sent to the emergency center with the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) system, which exists in almost all mobile phones.

The Hjelp 113 app does the same. With the app, you can see the coordinates yourself. These can be read out to the emergency center if it has not received your position due to your foreign phone number.

If you don’t have phone coverage, you can take a screenshot of the coordinates where the patient is located and then go to an area with coverage. You can then read out the correct coordinates for where the patient is.

Illustration of the defibrillator map in the Hjelp 113 app
Illustrasjon over hjertestarter-kart

Find the nearest defibrillator in the app

In case of cardiac arrest, it’s crucial to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and retrieve an automated external defibrillator (AED) as quickly as possible. In the app, you’ll find an overview of AEDs registered in the public AED registry.

Hjelp 113 enables you to locate the nearest AED and provides directions through the map function on your phone.

Do you know about an AED that doesn’t appear on the map? Learn how to register it on

Install and activate the app

After downloading the app, you must activate it. Do it as soon as you install it.

You do this by providing your phone number and then entering the code you received via SMS.

Remember to allow the Hjelp 113 app to see your location also when not using the app in your phone’s settings.

If you don’t activate the app, you will be prompted to do so when you use it – and then you may waste vital time.

Do you have any questions about the Hjelp 113 app?

Mann ser på Hjelp 113-appen på telefonen sin

The app supports foreign numbers and can be downloaded abroad. To register a foreign phone number, you must be in Norway. The app will automatically be in English if you haven’t set Norwegian as the default language on your phone.

The Hjelp 113 app also functions abroad. If you try to call 110 or 113 outside of Norway, the app automatically suggests calling 112, the European emergency number. If 112 is not in use in the country you are in, you should find out which emergency number applies.

By using the Help 113 app abroad, you will have the option to read out your position from the call screen if the emergency center does not receive your position automatically. The same applies if you are in Norway with a foreign phone number and the emergency center does not receive your position via AML.

Opplæring i bruk av hjertestarter

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation developes the Hjelp 113 app in collaboration with the Norwegian Directorate of Health. It has been downloaded over 2 million times.

The app is free to download and available for iOS/iPhone and Android phones. It was launched in 2010 and has been updated several times since then.

Initially, you could only call the national emergency number 113 from the app, hence the name. Later, we included the emergency numbers for Fire (110) and Police (112). Today, you can also contact other important authorities in cases where the situation is not as urgent. You’ll find these numbers under ‘Important numbers.’

The app utilizes the mobile phone’s calling functions, meaning you need mobile coverage to make calls with the app. In some situations, you may have a better chance of contacting 112 than the other emergency numbers if you don’t have mobile coverage. Learn more about this from NKOM or on our FAQ page